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Family Owned

Founded in 1999 as a family business.  The Butcher Shop sells great meat at a great price.  From our family to yours, our shop is known for its homemade sausages, beef jerky, and great meats and barbecue. 

Ojai Jerky

 Hi.  We are Ojai Jerky!  We are a local, family-owned business who specializes in - you guessed it - jerky!!!!  We have been handcrafting jerky for over 15 years in Ojai, California.  As a small business, we've tried to set ourselves apart form the competition by offering an affordable, high-quality, handcrafted jerky.  We are absolutely positive that you will "Taste The Difference" with our product. 

Green Mountain Grills Dealer

GMG pellet grills are now the top of the line, the best of the best, and are not the highest in price!  We only sell the highest quality grills and pellets to our customers so they can enjoy the best possible grilling experience without breaking the bank!  Come in and get yours today.


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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

The Butcher Shops

10552 Santa Ana Rd, Ventura, California 93001 United States

(805) 649-5996